Livfitness is unique. We offer a total wellness package so that you can Liv Fit and Liv Life.

By participating in our elite, specialized training and wellness programs you will be able to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As a boutique,  you become 1 of only 50 members.  This small group approach  allows us to focus on your goals and needs as an individual while at the same time keeping important longevity factors such as peer support, infinite motivation and cost saving. I stay on the cutting edge of the latest fitness trends and incorporate them into our routines, keeping your workout fresh, fun and effective. Each session is packed with exciting new things, but is grounded in our many years of wellness experience so that you get exactly what you need to be successful.

My LivFit Format allows you to train like a celebrity with high-end fitness programs at an affordable price. Supportive, fun, and effective, my complete menu of programs will meet your personal fitness and lifestyle aspirations. 

 LivFitness is located inside ZAMFORIA, the design and art boutique owned by Olivia and her brother Jonathan.