YOga classes are c0-ed

all other classes are women only



attending LIVFIT BOOTIQUECAMP® and/or Livfit Strengthen & Lengthen If you are interested in an additional strength training day as well as stretching 

attending a pilates or a gentle yoga class If you are interested in more relaxed, restorative training to help improve your strength training recovery

LivFit Strengthen & Lengthen:

Unique yoga style flows incorporating horizontal core training, endurance strength training, and stretching. A great way to get an additional day of strength training and stretching, since most of us find it hard to find time to incorporate stretching into our routine. 


Specialty programs created to coincide with the LivFit Format. The same old bootcamps get stale quickly but, this unique bootcamp has a style like no other.  Small groups, a special selection of innovative moves, and customized especially for the needs of LivFit participants each week! 

Includes strength, cardio, and stretching




Gentle Yoga and Meditation with Mary

Give yourself the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with a wonderful 90 minute gentle yoga and meditation class.

True relaxation is experienced by the body and mind when little or no energy is consumed. It is Nature's way of recharging. Since every action, conscious or unconscious, uses stored energy, relaxation is necessary for good health and peace of mind. Without proper relaxation the body and mind become overworked and inefficient.

When the mind is constantly bombarded by stimuli, it becomes overloaded and exhausted. We may be unaware that we are doing it, but by thinking and worrying we are using up tremendous amounts of energy. The tension put on the mind by worries can use more energy than physical work.

Yoga retrains the body to relax and can calm the mind which leads to inner peace.

This class is for beginners and experienced yogi's.



"Go with Your Flow" Yoga with Christine

"Go With Your Flow" Gentle to Moderate(all levels) Is a celebration of integrating various forms of yoga!
Open: to the wisdom of your body

Discover: the elements within Earth, fire, water, air, & ether

Flow: with breath awareness

Align: Stretch and strengthen

Restore:Passive stretches with props

Nurture: Self massage (massage balls)

Rest: Yoga Nidra- Is a form of meditation guiding you on a sensory journey through your whole being.




Gentle Hatha Yoga with Mary

In this Gentle Hatha Yoga Flow you will learn to breathe deeply, move mindfully from pose to pose while maintaining a meditative state.

You will be able to listen and tune into your body, slow down the mind chatter and release stress/tension to help you unwind from your day.

This class starts with deep breathing and guided meditation followed by gentle yoga flow and deep stretching, ending with restorative and meditative postures.

This class is appropriate for:

  • Beginners to advanced students
  • Students who want to compliment their regular workout
  • Students with some injuries or limitations
  • Advanced yogi’s who want to go deeper in their practice at a slower pace

All levels will be guided according to their needs.

Please bring your own yoga mat.

Yoga blocks, straps & bolsters provided.


Running, treadmill, biking, indoor cycling, elliptical... these are all great things for cardiovascular training. However our cardio programs offer additional benefits: 

The type of high-intensity interval training we chose is intended to get your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time, which speeds your metabolic rate. 

Did you Know? You can burn calories up to 48 hours after these classes if you give it your all.

  • takes less time than other cardio workouts to be effective,
  • improve your performance in other sports
  • improve general mobility as we age
  • decrease the chances of injury
  • prevent boredom
  • improve cardiovascular health
  • lose stubborn abdominal fat
  • Increases endurance