Small Group Training

Here is your foundation to your fitness. Each session is packed with exciting new things, but is grounded in our many years of wellness experience so that you get exactly what you need to be successful.

The programs are written to maintain the gains that you get from each prior session, keep you progressing, and keep you entertained.

I stay on the cutting edge of the latest fitness trends and incorporate them into our routines, keeping your workout fresh, fun, and effective. 

  • Sessions consist of no more than 10 clients.
  • We accommodate all fitness level and goals.
  • Sessions change every 5-6 weeks to prevent plateauing, to routinely challenge your body and mind, shock the body to burn more calories, and to prevent boredom.

TIP: Chose 2 days per week. These are your strength and stability groups. Did you know muscle burns more calories throughout the day. Strength training increases your ability to perform daily living skills, improve bone density, promotes fat-free body mass, and decreases injury risk.



Pay By Session

Per session class rate is $20

Total year for 94  Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday  & Thursdays Classes: $1,880

Pay By Year savings

6 Installments deal: $290 per installment, totaling $1,740; saving $140

Jan 3 (Wednesday) - Jan 31st M & W  $180

Jan 4 (Thursday) - Feb 1 T & TH  $180

 Experience movements that get your heart-pumping and your energy soaring, while we focus on core strength and an amazing full body workout. We will use resistance bands, balls, weights, and your own body as resistance.

Feb 5- March 7 M & W $200

Feb 6 - March 8 T & TH $200

Steady state training with mixed modalities; body weight, resistance, aerobic. Help find your warrior within. Strong Heart. Strong Body. Strong Mind.  

March 12- April 11 M & W $200

March 13 - April 12  T & TH $200

Keep up the momentum! This session we will be doing crazy fun things with the original step platforms. LivFit Peeps Health and Fitness does not stop at the new year rush! Come get strong and stay strong with us! 

April 16- May 16 M & W $200

April 17 - May 17 T & TH $200

Keep up your strength and add in a little battle rope drills, jump ropes, and exercise bands! High-intensity, full-body workouts, ropes, weights, body-weight exercises, increased metabolism and a whole lot of fun!

May 21 - June 20 M & W $180

May 22 - June 21 T & TH $180

NO CLASSES May 28th and May 29th

Get your booty moving and grooving in time for the summer fun to come with our specially designed bootcamp style workout! 

Jun 25 - Aug 1 M & W $200

Jun 26 - Aug 2 T & TH $200

NO CLASSES July 3rd to July 10th

Summer can be tough. Barbeques, beverages, and lazy afternoons. All you need is 45 minutes twice a week to get you started and keep you moving. High intensity strength training and cardio, plus many other fun and innovative moves to keep things interesting.

Aug 6 - Sep 5 M & W $180

Aug 7 - Sep 6 T & TH $180

NO CLASSES Sep 3rd or Sep 4th

Fun and effective total body workouts to stay strong throughout the summer!